I have stopped writing for Smorty because I do not take online casino posts as my grandma Google will smack sites that feature too many casino reviews. Anyway, it is not like Smorty has a lot of opps.

Then, a few days ago, I read from Cybercelt’s blog about Smorty unfair’s TOS. Please read what Cybercelt said.

When I joined Smorty, the terms of service said nothing about leaving sponsored posts on your blog forever. The only thing they stated was the blog should be permanent. My blog is permanent. I just moved it. Every post I ever wrote is still on the blog which is residing on its own domain. Evidently, you cannot move your blog. The URL of the blog changed. Not the name, not the links, not the posts, just the blog URL.

So, I have one blog where I changed the permalink structure whereby I took out the /index.php/. And guess what? Smorty couldn’t find my posts and they presented me with a bill for $207!


That means, I must purge out those links or I will forever be in debt. This sucks. I didn’t delete those posts, just that the structure is changed. I have re-submitted the URLs. But I wonder how long is Smorty going to haunt me if let’s say I moved my blog to its own domain? Am I forever tied to Smorty to update the URLs till I am dead? What is permanent?

Therefore, I wonder….

For six bucks, do you think it is wise for Smorty to push us publishers like that? Publishers can get annoyed and publishers can just run to grandma G and tell tale. Then, who is the bigger loser?

“Hey, gramma, this company is buying links. Lotsa of ‘em! See here, and here and here and here…..” And the advertiser is dead, so is Smorty.

But of course, I have more faith in bloggers than that. But Smorty is not very nice because they have openly posted that if our blog shows PayPerpost opps, they will not want to be there. I think it is wise for paid post companies to play nice with each other. Having those words in red font is just a bit too much, don’t you think so?

If you write for Smorty before, do you get the same kind of problem?

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