Shoving ads down your throat with an Adsense injection

I love this guy. Not only he has a cool name for his URL, biggnuts, he also has a foul mouth. We don’t find WordPress plugin authors writing like him very often. Usually the probloggers put on their best front and become Mr. Manners so that people will not get offended and adore them and polish their shoes.

Inserts Adsense into your blog without a log of fucking around. By Dax “The Hammer” Herrera.

Oooh…I love that kind of language. And this other sentence says I simply must try his plugin:

You can ad multiple ads on single page posts to really cram ads down people’s throats. Yeehaw!

Ignore his typing errors. I think he meant lot and not log and add and not ad. His drawings are cute, so I don’t care how he writes.

If you want the Adsense injection WordPress plugin go get it from Dax the Biggnuts. Remember that we are not supposed to insert Google Adsense into paid posts so use the ‘no adsense’ tag for your paid posts. (instructions given on the admin panel) Otherwise, heh, be prepared to get rejection emails. And don’t forget Google TOS of 3, 2, 1

3 adds

2 search boxes

1 link

on each page.

He has many other interesting WordPress plugins on his site as well. Now, if only I know how to make the bright blue more sky blue or any colours to blend into my other templates.

Yeehaw! I am so gonna inject ads down my readers’ throats!
(tks to ahpek who gives freelinks for the leads)

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    (May 5, 2007 - 3:32 pm)

    I just went to his site through your links and I found his wordpress plugins, Link A Dink, I like it


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