A few friends have asked me about my experience of Windows Vista on my Sony Vaio.


Notice the WP sticker? Got it from Zeo. Tks Zeo.

To tell you the truth, I am still very reliant on my old Dell desktop which is 4 years old because all my stuffs are in there and I never got time to sit down and organise my things as they are spread over three PCs. My Dell desktop, Acer laptop and this new pink Sony Vaio laptop.

So, I cannot go very deep with the review yet.

Few things worth mentioning are :

1) It is hot, very hot. I had taken off the battery (as what the shop guy told me) and yet, it is blardy hot. Even in my aircond bedroom. Eventhough I didn’t use any CD on it, it is freaking HOT. Enuff said. Hot as my Acer. But my Acer is even worse because the heat is felt on the keyboard area as well but the Vaio is ok at the top part.

2) The speaker is damn soft so you can forget about this model if you are one who likes to listen to music from your laptop. I already knew and notice this but since I don’t like ‘noises’ that much as I have a great Edifier on my desktop, it is not that important to me. However, the sound is more solid than the MacBook.

3) Graphics is nice. Comparing to the same price MacBook, this Vaio is much more beautiful.

4) Windows Vista – No complaints so far as I haven’t download anything *coughcoughcoughunlicensedstuffscoughcough*. Any further questions about this, you need to email me, ok? ;)

5) Illegal shutdown is a bitch. Initially, I did not notice the several choices of hibernate, sleep, shutdown and etc etc. So, I chosed the wrong choice and getting it to restart is a bitch because it seems to take time to repair itself. It was the reason why my pink Vaio refused to cooperate when I was at the bloggers gathering.

6) Novelty – Well, there are some games that came along with it but who cares about that, right? It has a pretty clock and some post-it-pad etc etc to play with. Rather cute.

7) Nice keyboard – It is rather huge and not pretty for a nice pinkish machine but I love it ‘cos of the ‘bounce’ factor. My nails won’t slipped off like what I am experiencing with my Acer. I can type real fast on the Vaio.

8) Card reader – One feature that puzzled me. I need to insert and re-insert the card reader. They gave me a plastic cover to stuff into the hole when I am not using the card reader. I find it a chore to keep and replace the card reader. My Acer has the built in card reader, so much more convenient.

9) Whirring sound – Not annoying even when I am using a CD. I don’t feel vibrations like my Acer.

10) Quiet – Overall it is quite and not that heavy when it is without a battery. So, I can just keep it on my lap and blog from the comfort of my bed. Last thing at night, first thing in the morning. Closer to me than my Bible. Hehehe.

Verdict – Buy it ‘cos the colour is nice! Buy a blue one and let’s go Coffee Bean together!

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