Selling yourself

How many words can you positively describe yourself as a blogger? Faster, think, think, think. Write it down, memorise those, keep a fixed description with all the positive points in your word document and use it. Use it with pride.

Remember that these are to be seen by future advertisers, not your friends or sneering blog peers. Therefore, no hang-ups, no hesitation. You need to be able to sell yourself as a blogger with confidence before you can take other things to sell it on your blog.

I just logged into my PayPerPost dashboard where we can tag and categorise our blogs. You are also needed to write a brief description of your blog. Don’t ever write – Just a blogger with general stuffs or Another journal about technology or those one liners.

Make it savvy. Blow it up. Give your all so that advertisers immediately like it and find you as their reviewers. I have been writing impromptu ones everywhere. Nowadays, if you are signing up for paid posts or other advertisement programmes, they need a description.

I like these words:
proficient & fluent English
bubbly personality
excellent writer
passionate blogger
appealing to the masses
give her best
work hard to please
can be assured of getting your ideas/services/products across to the masses

Normally I write in the third person so that the advertisers don’t feel me too endearing. Third person is :

The blogger is an excellent writer who is proficient in English and will give her very best to review your products. You can be assured that your products/services will be appealing to the masses because her bubbly personality and passion in writing will seal the deal. With excellent Google page rank yadda, Technorati rankings, Alexa rankings blek….you are guarantee wide exposure to your site. Traffics are from all over the world especially xyz country etc.

Hahaha, it makes my hairs stand. I guess it does to you too? But folks, the market is competitive, so go out and grab ’em.

Post Author: lilian