By now, you probably know that if you sell links, you will get smack by Google. That’s why I do not monetized this blog anymore. I don’t do paid posts nor selling text links on this blog or any of my precious blogs. However, I do have a big stable of other blogs which have got smacked with PR 0/10 and there is now way I can get it back.

Just when I thought that those blogs are going to make pittance, there is a new, underground, secret company that offers to buy up links on on old blog posts. They made it clear that if I accept, I have to ensure that selling links this way is not against other companies’ terms of services.

For example, if I have a paid post about insurance, I cannot take off the link of the anchor text and stuff it with the new link. It is the blogger’s responsibility to make sure that if we accept the money, we have to be responsible that we don’t rob off someone’s else link which they have paid to us earlier.

Yesterday, I got a couple of links sold. The company gave me the URL of my category and asked me to insert just one word and link to their company. Easy-peasy. I just crapped on more line in one of my non-paid post and voila, I make moolah. Hey, it rhymes. They paid me today.

It seems to me that advertisers are getting smarter now. They target our old posts because those pages have been indexed by Google. It is much faster and better than buying a new post. Moreover, they can evaluate our blog before they decide on buying the link.

So, yes, I found another ‘hole’ to make money. Too bad, I cannot reveal which company. It is suppose to be a secret, eh? Well, if they have referral fees, then I shall promote it. Otherwise, I will keep the little goldmine to myself. Muahahahar…don’t hate me. I hope I don’t get on your nerve? ;)

Again – don’t do this on blogs you value. Google will smack you with PR 0.

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