Secrets to make money?

After my last post about How much money I make from Adsense, KennyP stills think there must be some things I am not revealing. Hehehe. You are right, Kenny.

Thanks to Lilian for answering my question officially and telling us your useful advices.

“Don’t hope to earn Adsense when you start writing paid posts. You do get penalised for it.”
Do you mean we cannot put Adsense on the blog if the blog is writing paid posts?

You can put Adsense on the sidebar and after the post but not in the middle of your post, between the title and the end of the post. Otherwise, competitors ads will appear. Some advertisers paid us three figure USD so it is very unethical to do that, isn’t it?

Now I got some idea about the earning from Adsense, so it’s almost impossible to earn big money from Adsense unless you have very very high traffic.

Yes, you need high traffic and a clever blend of ads to make it looks like it is not ads. It also depends on your target surfers. Maybe I am luckier because my blogs attract the not-so-tech-savvy (a nicer name for noobs) so clicks through rate (CTR) are higher.

The other thing is keywords. Some niche blog gets higher income because the ads pay more.

Can you tell us which of your blog can touch the amount? ;P

I have four blogs which do generate higher income and some of them had hit as much as USD20 in one day. But then, those were the days during the World Cup and Siti Nurhaliza fever. I have two food blogs and I am proud that the organic traffic (i.e. people searching randomly) is high as well.

I am wondering how some people earning so much from Adsense, what is the secret? I think Lilian know some of them :D

Adsense secrets? Yeah, I do know about them. So do all those marketing gurus. But does it works? Not really. Unless you are ready to walk the path of an internet marketeer where they promise you sky high income, sell you an Adsense kit and ask you to go out and sell more. These people will open up hundreds of sites, buy their own ads on Google and in the end, spam the net. Have you ever search for something, end up on a site with nothing but a few words but lots of[tag]Google Adsense[/tag] ads? Then, you click and it goes to another site with the same thing?

Or you are ready to put in some efforts to build very decent site like those children online games where kids click every damn thing they see flashing (I should know, my kids do that all the time).

Or your defination of ‘good income’ is about RM1,000 per month. When I first started, RM1K makes me very happy already. So when I touched USD300 per month in Adsense, I am elated already.

If you are still dead curious, the highest I earn per month in Adsense was only USD650. But those figure fluctuates and now, Adsense is one of the most depressive. If I rely on Adsense, I wouldn’t have the spark to write any blogs anymore. You get what I mean? I can earn twice that amount now from just one company, writing paid posts.

Still curious?

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12 thoughts on “Secrets to make money?

    Linky Love

    (May 29, 2007 - 10:18 am)

    I agree, Adsense is easy to ‘add’ on your site: do once, stands there always. But the big money comes in from writing posts or being a “good” affiliate.

    There are no secrets for the Paid To Post: you just need to write a lot and make sure your blog has a high PR. (of course there are secrets…lol)

    Andrew Ooi

    (May 29, 2007 - 10:57 am)

    Yeah I agree. Adsense is only less than 10% of what I’m making monthly. PPP is the way to go. It’s the reason why I’m opening more blogs now with different topics such as programming, gadgets, web technologies etc to ‘grow’ them into high PR blogs that I can post paid posts on.


    (May 29, 2007 - 12:01 pm)

    Lilian is awesome!

    Thanks again for revealing so much of your business secret. :D

    Together with the first post, I got the idea of earning of Adsense now, I will try to figure out what to do on my blog along with your guidance. :)


    (May 29, 2007 - 1:15 pm)

    Man, this is the post that really awaken me from my madness this morning. Thanks for the useful tips especially on the paid post + adsense thing. I have no idea on that. While waiting for my approval from PPP, I will make full use some of your tips, if not all of them, in my blog. Great stuff here.


    (May 29, 2007 - 2:52 pm)

    Ah, Lilian I believe you are talking about those irritating MFA (Made for Adsense) sites but they are soon doomed soon as Google will kill most arbitrage sites effective 1st June.

    Let me give some of my thoughts on AdSense. There were some old days where I sat quietly and wonder how sites can earn usd10/day while I only can revenue a pathetic $3/day. So I realize there is so much we can do to push up the CTR. Things like adjusting competitive ad filter, channeling and optimize, blending, choosing right ad size, etc all of them add up to contribute. So I wouldn’t use the word *rely :-P

    I’m not really a PPP fan, was before as its really easy to earn. You write, you gain. But then i found a easier way, I sleep, angmos click my adsense I gain :) All I need is to spend a little bit of thoughts on the ads optimization and SEOs. But that don’t make me a fan of marketing blogs fan either as I really think info should be free unless they are coming out with ebooks as thick and rich in content like O’Reilly.

    In the together-gather meet months ago, I asked LiewCF how much he earned from adsense/day and the answer he gave, shocked the heck out of me but now its getting so achievable.

    IMO, adsense is not just about getting the code, paste and wait for clicks. I do a lot of experiments. Don’t stay comfortable if you can earn $20 a day and do the x30 day to make yourself happy about the $600/month. Do some experiment, change here and there, earning might drop, but you gain something. And better still, it could be something gurus outside are hiding or teaching yet. That makes you a guru ;p

    Wow, this is long. Should have guest blog a entry :-P

    website copywriter

    (May 29, 2007 - 5:20 pm)

    Comments have been pretty enlightening, too — thanks, everyone!

    Corporate Comedy Magician

    (May 29, 2007 - 7:09 pm)

    Wow Lilian, Great info. Thank you so much for giving us some secrets. I love secrets! Can you tell?


    (July 4, 2007 - 5:03 pm)

    Wah Hongkiat replied to this post. Thanks bro!

    The other thing is that I started off quite late in the blogging so I need to spare times and catch up with all successfull blogs out there.


    (July 4, 2007 - 6:32 pm)

    Iz: Why leh, I read a lot of blogs, and Lilian’s are def . few of the blogs I will not miss :)


    (December 18, 2008 - 10:17 pm)

    Good advices! Thanks for the info. But Nearly all paid sites are a waste of time. I never made any money with them. I tried many sites that everyone said were great but I never made money. They all had “qualification” thing you had to take first to see if you even qualified and they took up to months, so I gave up and moved on to internet/affiliate marketing.
    Try this website They will pay you as soon as you achieve $10. Trust me they really do pay you and you won’t have to wait weeks for payment.



    (March 9, 2009 - 7:39 pm)

    Your secrets are out now. And it does make sense to know the strategy of Adsense in your blogs. Thanks for the infos and advise.


    (March 12, 2009 - 9:39 pm)

    Is there any way to gain back the pr? I must admit I have made a lot of money with my blogs but ever since I was spanked the money I earned had dropped considerably.

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