– Connecting posties through reality TV

Needless to say, the thing I like most about is the drama. I like reality tv over on MTV as well. It is kinda wicked to be sitting at home, in our comfy couch and snigger and laugh or cry and get angry over the people on the show. So, when PayPerPost starts RockStartup, it was way fun.

As posties, we are located and spread all over the world. Yet, we get a glimpse of things behind the scene through reality tv. For me, I have a certain pride that I am associated with a dynamic company like PayPerPost as one of their valuable postie. I can tell others, “Hey, look,this is the company I work for and earn my thousands of US dollars each month.”

Few weeks ago, PayPerPost promised us posties and advertisers as well about some huge changes that will benefits both parties. We were all excited about it and anticipation was high. However, some glitches developed and everyone’s get edgy. Some parties were not happy at all.

But after watching Episode Ten: Out of Site, I realised the elephant tasks involved in bringing about the changes. Even from the comfortable chair I was sitting on, I can feel the tension of the Development Teams emitting through my PC. This Episode Ten sort of shut me up from whingeing so much about missing an opp or other little things. I can see for myself how much works are involved and what tremendous pressures the Development Team and their code ninjas had in pleasing the Board, advertisers and their posties.

So, yeah, Episode Ten is an eye-opening show that I loved most. Thanks for bringing us this show, PayPerPost and RockStartUp! Both of you are da best!

Post Author: lilian