I got a few emails today.

Email A

We’ve seen your website at http://www.5xmom.com/
and we love it!

We see that your traffic rank is 39056
and your link popularity is 16.
Also, we see that you are online since .

With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $4,800/month
to advertise our links on your website.

And Email B

If we paid you $6,437.67 for sending 3,284 people to our site – an
average of almost $2 per click – would that be profitable for you?

Those are the stats for one of our partners so far this month, and
I’d like to work out a similar arrangement with you and your site:


I am Chinese. And there is this Chinese saying that goes something like, “Where got so big frog hopping all over the road?” You see, we Chinese eat frogs as delicacies. And usually, these frogs are very hard to catch as they live in the paddy fields and we can only catch them at night. Usually, where there are frogs, there are snakes. The risk is there. So, what it means is, “Good things don’t simply lie around for us to grab.”

Go find some suckers to lure. I am not born yesterday. If anyone can make that kind of money, all of us will be Bill Gates.

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