ReviewMe assignments

I received two assignments from ReviewMe this morning when I log on to my mail. What a nice way to greet me first thing in the morning,


I found that one of my blog, Women Only! is listed as one of the HOT, Today’s Best list on ReviewMe.  So naturally I took a screenshot (I like to use Gadwin printscreen to do the job) for some moral booster.

This is my fifth assignments so far.  If you have not receive any assignments from [tag]ReviewMe[/tag], maybe you may want to check out some of my earlier tips.  One of them is to write that short briefing on ReviewMe intro with confidence and target it to the advertisers.   On top of that, maybe you may want to check if your blog posts lately are filled with something agreeable to ReviewMe potential customers.  They do drop by our sites to take a look and evaluate.  I know it sucks to have someone judging us based on the entries but if we are writing for the money, we have to behave a little.  Hahaha, it is good to keep me somewhat proper without too much cussings and rantings.

I have 48 hours to complete my two assignments so there is plenty of time for me to do some research on the sites.  Both assignments totalled up to USD50 only but it is the kick of getting picked!  You know….like a bunch of potential suitors picking you to be their partner?

Finally, I am very sure ReviewMe is a good income source for bloggers who have a flair for writing.

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3 thoughts on “ReviewMe assignments


    (December 6, 2006 - 12:23 am)

    That is great. I just saw them from Liew and he is getting USD125/article.

    But my blog is still new. I will try subscribing it in the future


    (December 6, 2006 - 6:23 am)

    I haven’t gotten a single offer from ReviewMe. I find that PPP and Blogitive are more workable for me.

    – MENJ


    (December 6, 2006 - 6:49 am)

    I’ve yet to get picked! :(

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