Review on ads and which works best for Malaysian websites

I have around a dozen websites, forums and blogs and has been actively exploring the various ways of earning some income since last year. I have a few domains for almost four years but only started to jump on the Google Adsense bandwagon a year ago.
Most of my websites are sincere efforts I put in for the community of parents, bereaved parents and breastfeeding mothers. I financed the hosting with my own money initially but thank God, I am earning a little bit, just enough to continue running these not-for-profit sites. Webhosting fees and domain fees pile on as the traffic and group grows.

Here are some of the ways that earn me enough to keep financing my websites:

1) Local advertisements – I charge a nominal fee for advertisement in my parenting website. It is more to encourage mothers to work from home and therefore, I provide them an avenue to promote their products/services. I provided these advertisers a webpage of their own. Income wise, there isn’t much but enough to keep my site running. However, the administration work is rather troublesome as I have to issue invoices, prepare the webpages, send reminders for renewal and etc.

2) Google Adsense – As I have a few niche topic blogs, forums and websites, I do get decent income from Adsense. However, one thing about Adsense is the insecurities I faced with fraudulent clicks. However, I like Adsense for its very relevant ads as they provide a good reference for my visitors.

3) Chitika – It has not earn me a single sens after the first few months. In all, I had earned like USD40 a few months ago and since then, I am getting zero amount.

3) Commission Junction – I have not manage to secure any sales through my site as I place only one or two CJ’s banner ads. I have taken down many of the banners ever since.

4) Adbrite – this is my greatest gripe. I cannot figure out how Adbrite pays. I have a few links on my site but what I see are USD0.04 per day. I had specified my amount of USD10 per week for one link and yet, what I get is USD0.04 per day. Anyone can explain?

5) Tribal Fusion – I have been rejected twice. :(

6) Text Link Ads – This is my all time favourite, currently. I had read from many sites that warned about mixing Text Link Ads with Google Adsense. I heard that if we put too many TLA, we may be penalised by Google. However, I am keeping to the safe figure of max. 10 links per site. I have sold all the 10 links on a few of my sites and all the links are websites that relate to my site. The best thing about TLA is that we get paid the moment someone bought the link. Cheques will be issued at the end of the month but we can see our money growing with each link sold. At the beginning of the month, most advertisers will continue putting their link and tadaaaa….you get a good income since the 1st of the month. There is no worries of any fraudulent clicks too.

If you have not heard of Text Link Ad, just check out the button on my left bar.

7) Banner ads – These are local companies which place their banner ads on a monthly basis. Income is nothing to shout about but I enjoy helping out the advertisers and at the same time, share with my visitors products/services that I like.

I do not rely on making money through my websites as they are more a hobby and devotion to causes I believe in. Therefore, every little income is welcome but I will not lament if there is a fall or drop in the income as I believe my priority is to serve the community first.

However, I do keep up to date, read and try to keep up with the fast pace changes on the internet. If there are mothers who are interested to know more about making money from the internet, I am very pleased to help out with whatever I know. I believe that many women have the skills and ability to earn a decent income through the internet. My pleasure is knowing that more mothers opt to stay home with their kids while being able to earn some money at the same time. Whatever it is, please do not get caught in scams and lose money instead.

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    (September 15, 2006 - 12:19 pm)

    i like TLA. i’m just gettin adsense started on my site

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