Reasons my TextLinkAds slots sold well

Recently, I have an increase in getting my TextLinkAds slots sold. Below is the screenshot:

The one with no links sold is because I submitted a php forum which doesn’t support TLA. Otherwise, almost every blogs have sold the links and two of them have been fully taken. I am allowed only 10 links on each blog.


The reasons my ads slots are sold?

1) I put a very descriptive and convincing short description of my blogs;

2) I woo the advertisers with my page rankings and such;

3) My blogs attract the general audience which have a bigger market than niche tech blogs;

4) I picked the right categories. Remember to log in to your TLA panel and see that your blogs are categorised correctly.

So, want to make money? Sign up with Text Link Ads now. (referral link provided) Blogspot bloggers welcome too.

BTW, I am having some WP error with [tag]TextLinkAds[/tag] new plugin. Grr….just can’t solve it. Anyone has any idea?

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1 thought on “Reasons my TextLinkAds slots sold well


    (April 17, 2007 - 7:51 pm)

    I still have no luck on selling textlinkads on my blog. Any tips how to write convincing desc about my blog? hahah..

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