I subscribed to Friedbeef’s blog comments because I was too lazy to un-do the unsubscribe. I picked up the comment which comes into my email and wish to alert publishers to this post. Note that I cannot verify if the claim is true or not but it is always good to be on alert.

The original post is Adverlets vs. Nuffnang written by FriedBeef in March 16, 2007. The comment is left today, 9th May 2008 by blogger Offshoreman.net.

He pointed out the complaints he made in this forum webmastermalaysia.com.

Got another email from advertlets today…

Hi Sulaiman,

In order for us to continue this investigation, and prove your legitimacy, we request that you provide us a scanned copy of your Malaysian Identity Card. We believe this should not be an issue if you are certain your earnings are legitimate.


Advertlets Support

Funny story… i just bank in their first check (the one and only).. to make things more complicated they ask for my ic scan copy…. i just gave them my ic no.. SCAN COPY NO WAY!… My previous experience with them & comments from other (under keywords “Advertlets Sucks”) does not give me confidence to give them my IC Scan copy…

i’m now nuffnang glitterati on my web Khidmat-Negara.net & might consider all websites nuffnang gliterrati if no positive response from advertlets…

I hope advertlets stop making excuses & start doing genuine business…

My Best of Luck to Nuffnang!

According to Sulaiman, he still have payments pending since August 2007. The claim is Adverlets held back payment because they suspect click fraud.

Please check out the details yourself. I am not promoting or negating any parties. Since this complaint comes to my inbox, I guess people may want to hear about it too.

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