I heard about Armand Morin from Andy Beard’s latest post. Coming from Andy, I have a little more faith than usual because I adore Andy! He is very vocal about things and he doesn’t always go with the flow. That’s what I admire about him.

Frankly, I hate signing up for all those internet marketing stuffs because they normally load us with all sort of crappy contents but I do sign up sometimes, using a secondary email. The kind which you log in once a week.

The lure of something new, yet to be launched draws me to this Internet Marketing Explained. I watched the video, I got curious and why not share with you guys? These are all affiliate links, but don’t worry, you are not losing anything. It is good to venture into new things. And no, I have not spent a dime buying any software. I am only curious how Armand Morin has 8,000 websites and those aren’t black hat stuffs. Watch the video and let’s learn some secrets. I have enough of writing paid posts already!

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