Reader’s question on my traffic, income and Argus

I got a mail which has a lot of questions. Might as well post it as I believe a lot of people too have the same questions.
(italics is the mail)

Hi, I noticed you on the boards and ran into your 5xmom blog. I was reading about this argus thing with ppp.

Do you think its going to hurt the lower traffic blogs income from ppp?

Well, I am not worried about it because PPP is always the flamboyant, loud and very aggressive marketing company. They always start things with a loud boom and usually, when the dust settled, things are pretty much the same. So, I won’t be too worried about Argus. You see, all the other companies like LinkWorth and even our local ad company nuffnang ALREADY have the analytics of our site and can be seen by the advertisers. So, nay…Argus won’t kill the little bloggers because there will be advertisers looking for only links and not interested in paying big money.

I just started them last month. I have two pr 5 blogs but traffic is under 1k on them. I was worried that this argus thing
is going to kill the lower traffic blogs and only the high traffic blogs will make any real money.

We mustn’t rely on PayPerPost alone. I have several companies and namely, the three worth mentioning are SponsoredReviews, LinkWorth (with their LinkPost) and ReviewMe. I get writing assignments that pays USD60 – USD120.

I noticed your blog gets 680 page views a day on average. How did you make $4700 in agust with such low traffic?

If you notice, I hardly write any paid post on this blog. In fact, I have three good blogs which I hardly write paid posts, i.e. this blog, my personal blog at 5xmom and my food blog Best Recipe. But I have a lot more which concentrates on paid posts. Take a look at my blog aggregator 12Kmom and you will faint at the amount of things I write. LOL.

Was this income from many blogs?

Yes, I have 15 blogs on TextLinkAds and my income from TLA is a steady USD800 at the minimum. I have even more on Google Adsense and that too, gives me a steady income. Both will add up to close to USD2K. Besides these, I have LinkWorth and I also sold links in my pages directly.

What do you think about the argus thing with payperpost?

I am not so excited about it. I have been through PayPerPost roller-coaster for one year already and have seen many great improvements and also seen many disappointments. I hope Argus will be as fantastic as it sounds. Again, seriously, don’t put your eggs in one basket. Spread out, sign up with other companies. Not every advertisers like one particular company, so it is always good to be every where.

Thanks for writing, and if you wish to leave your link, do let me know! (Above mail from tekman who writes from and

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    (October 3, 2007 - 2:03 pm)

    Hmmm…been wanting to ask. How do you work linkworth anyway? I got an offer for a paid post once but i turned it down because it was for a gambling site. Would that effect my chances?


    (October 3, 2007 - 5:49 pm)

    hye lilian, i am malaysian blogger too! i just started my blog at! here i have write something about you at my blog

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