Re-post – There is always Yahoo (if you get smacked by Google)

*This is a re-post because I lost two days of posts due to some problems with my server.  Since I lost another PR today, making it a total -2 across all my blogs (which are many), I think it is appropriate I snubbed Big G with a re-post.  However, I regret losing all your valuable comments which cannot be restored.*


Many people from the old skool still think of Yahoo as the ultimate search engine. We may be talking Google but a lot are still with Yahoo. In fact, I grew up with Yahoo. Yahoo mail, Yahoo photo, Yahoo chat, Yahoo groups and Yahoo search.

The other day, after I got torched by Google, I dropped from the first page for the keyword ‘make money’ and went to the second page. But last I check, I am back on first page again on Google.

Anyway, last night I discovered that this blog is on first page of Yahoo for make money. Just one rung lower than Wiki and two rungs lower than John Chow. How’s that? Boast-able and bloggable material of course!

And there are millions of pages, like 9.24 million pages.

How did I do it? I don’t know! I swear!

So, it is not the end of the world if Google decides to smack you. There is always Yahoo. Plus a host of other search engines. My traffic has somewhat stabilised again but Adsense still only 1/3 of what I used to earn. Bah, that’s not my main income, no sweat.

Whee! This blog made it to the final for BCA!

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