Look what Edison Chen brought me. A traffic erection. I took this analytics for my last week stats from Nuffnang. Too bad I don’t have any Nuffnang ads there or I think my band will shot to Band 30 and above. I would be rich!


Lesson learned : Don’t get traffic spike. It is not worth it. It caused my Google Adsense CTR to drop to 2-3% though the clicks increased. Then again, it is damn thrilling to see the amount of traffic. Anyway, it is a nice lesson in search engine optimisation. It is not merely cheap shot at Edison Chen unfortunate event. It takes skill to guess what people will use as keywords to search and it takes some cunning strategy to attract traffic without going all the way to the dogs. I did not put a single photo of the ladies, I did not make any judgement and merely state my points, brief and short.

Of course, some old fags said I am not doing people a service because I am not serving p0rn pics to those random surfers who were looking for it. One blogger said I am wasting people’s time. Fark man, its my blog, I write what I want and as long as I am not against Google Webmaster TOS of keywords stuffings, I am all good. But hey, you know what? I am feeding them common sense, which probably their mother never taught them. Muahahar…I justified my bad behavior already. Just like Edison Chen did in his apology video.


On one hand, I am glad that PayPerPost has taken away that hard to read fonts on the captcha. But now, they have trivia. I forgot what was the question I had last night but it needs me to think for a while. Oh ya, I got these :
two, to,also, too
and they ask me which word doesn’t belong?

OMG, that’s like my little boy K1 book.

And today, I found another question – What’s the last name of America’s first President. George Washington! *claps please*


I hope PPP make it so hard, posties cannot get it! Muahahar….go expand your general knowledge, EQ, IQ, maths equation or you cannot take an opp. Great idea!

This is of course, a humor post because don’t we have enough of people churning out boring make money posts on the blogsphere? So, let’s chill and laugh at the little things around us instead of blindly going into making money and nothing else.

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