Random stuffs on WordPress theme, Nuffnang, TMnet and Muhammad Taib

I have been without internet broadband since Friday. On and off, I do get some ‘stray’ line but it is freaky to do anything decent when you do not know when your neighbour decides to go to sleep and switch off his/her/I don’t really don’t know whose modem, leaving me hanging.

Though I have a Celcom unlimited broadband which I pay RM68 per month, my Sony Ericsson P1i smart phone gets awfully hot if I hook it to my laptop for too long.

Finally, I get my TMNet broadband connected this afternoon. TMNet did not come to our house to give us a new modem yet so I suppose my house’s line is on the new port but using 1Mbps. Bah, who cares as long as I have internet access.

The first thing I did is to change my personal blog template because I notice that the previous theme alignment has ran to the left when viewed on IE. This theme has several colours so I thought, why not change the theme for this blog as well because the previous one was so confusing.

So, here I am with a three-column theme. I actually dislike three columns now because they look cluttered to me. But I am too lazy to hunt for anymore WordPress theme.

I also do not like those SEO bla bla theme because it is too cliche. Seen one, seen all.

On another matter, this week Nuffnang has given me more ads than usual. I have to install all the three units on my personal blog and two units here. If it gets any hotter, local advertisers have to queue up weeks ahead to get on my blog. And one day, I may even tell them to take a number and wait for my good mood to allow them on my blog. Bwahahaha, just a little self-indulgence.

One of my reader just alerted me that my post on my personal blog about Blog Muhammad Muhd Taib has gotten on the #1 position. He is a politician who once called all bloggers ‘pondan’ or someone withOUT balls and threatened to extradite bloggers over their postings. EXTRADITE! Today, he joined the blogosphere as a blogger himself. Go figure.

Damn, there is nothing more satisfying than to archive all the stupid comments people (especially politicians) made in the past, keep them in my blog posts and one day in the future, dig it out and slap it on their face back and stuff it down their throat. Such satisfaction is much more gratifying than making money.

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2 thoughts on “Random stuffs on WordPress theme, Nuffnang, TMnet and Muhammad Taib


    (April 22, 2008 - 9:48 am)

    banner nuff bro at least kuar..
    aku tk de pun..


    (April 22, 2008 - 2:18 pm)

    afham…5xmom nie emak orang la..
    check dulu sebelum address orang…

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