Questions on moving blogs

Adam asked some questions :

Do I stand a chance of losing all my PR If I switch domain?

Your PR in the old blog stands. I.e. if you have PR5/10 it remains that until the next round when Google does another PR shake-up. PR can drop like what happened to my old food blog at Food Haven. I left the blog untouched and start on a new slate. After several months, I realised that the PR has dropped from 5/10 to 4/10. So, to avoid it dropping further, I started blogging from there again because the PR is precious.

On another old blog of mine in blogspot, it dropped from PR5/10 to PR3/10 because I left it for over a year. To avoid any further loss, I am still blogging from there as well.

But when you start on a new blog, it means several months of waiting until you get your new PR. This takes some work. If you are lucky, you get it real fast, like one of my faith blog – Christian-Journey. It was only a month old with no one linking (not even myself) and yet it has a PR2/10.

Or lose qualification for a PPP blog?

If your blog is already a PPP approved blog, why not continue blogging from there? At the same time, get your own domain and start working on it to qualify. I.e. a 90 days old blog with more than 20 postings which are your own content and the last post is not more than seven days ago…..(read PPP’s TOS for more details)

Sorry forgotten to ask this, is it possible to transfer our old blogs’ PR to the new domain?

Well, if your present URL is a or any free platform, then, no. If your URL is your own domain, then, ask some techie people. They should be able to redirect. My webhost can do that, I think.

As to the question – Can you transfer your blog? Read this thread on what Karen, a staff of PayPerpost, explained. In a gist, no, unless you have valid reasons like the free platform wants to close down your blog. You need to start from the base, i.e. blog for 90 days with original content.

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2 thoughts on “Questions on moving blogs


    (February 2, 2007 - 4:31 am)

    thanks for the answers. I really appreciate it.



    (February 5, 2007 - 12:00 am)

    I makan and got nothing to do, so I cut and pasted all my contents from my blogger site to my new site :P

    Tedious but satisfying at the end of the day. Can’t import the comments though but nevermindlah.

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