Pssst….can you guess what PayPerPost is going to do?

If you are a blogger and you haven’t heard of PayPerPost, then, you should hang your head in shame, go to the corner and timeout for you. PayPerPost is this huge and successful “pay blogger to post” program and many bloggers are making a lot of money from it. Me for example.:P

If you did not know, they wanted to buy up Performancing metrics (i.e. the stats of our blogs) but the deal did not go through. However, I bet PayPerPost would have acquired the information of the blogs they need. They have the insides secrets of the blogsphere. They know who is hot and who is not. The deal was off and somehow, Performancing failed to perform.

My take is no one has the marketing drive like PayPerPost’s very affable, Dumbo-ears, CEO [tag]Ted Murphy[/tag]. If you have seen how he went into those flamings where [tag]A-List bloggers[/tag] condemned PayPerPost and Ted made funny comments to diffuse situation, then, you have not really know how dynamic PayPerPost is.

Ted has managed to get [tag]Robert Scoble[/tag] (some big guns in the blogsphere) to be the keynote speaker for PostieCon, PayPerPost convention. So, if he can get Robert whom had earlier criticised PayPerPost,to be the keynote speaker, think what else Ted can do? I bet he must have wooed and charmed other A-List bloggers. Soon, PayPerPost will rule the world. You can forget about other monetizing program because all your blogs belong to PPP now. Join PPP immediately if you have not done so. Blue banner on the side.

Soon, [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] will announce that they had acquired other paid to blog companies and if you are not a registered publisher with [tag]PPP[/tag], you can hang your blog to dry along with your grandma knickers. Have you notice how to other competitive companies have shut down their members’ login? notice that, don’t you. Now you know….[tag]rumour [/tag]has it that…errm…ok, I am sorry that I cannot reveal all. We, the regular posties have been sworn to keep it a secret.

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