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I mentioned that I submitted a form to Google when I notice that one of my blog is showing PSA or public service ads on my Adsense. I got a fast reply as below :

We’d recommend that you contact your webmaster to fix any site
vulnerabilities which may have allowed the links to be placed on your
site. For more information about security for webmasters, see
You may also with to perform a search for results related to “wordpress
spam injection” for more information about the issue.

Once the links have been successfully removed, paid ads or more relevant
ads should start appearing again within a week.


The Google AdSense Team

And I guess I had cleared up the mess the MTF-ker spammers secretly injected into my blog with the WordPress spam injection technique. I explained how I clear the WordPress Spam Injection on my post.

For once, I am glad that Matt seems kind to regular site owners like me. I suddenly feel full of love for Google for taking time to write to me to tell me that :

Thanks for your email. I understand you are concerned about the fact that
public service ads are appearing on your site. Our specialists
investigated and found that pornographic links and links related to
prescription drug offers have been injected into the bottom of your pages.
These links are only visible to web crawlers so you may not see them if
you view the source of your pages. Because our system does not return ads
to pages detected to have adult content, relevant paid ads will not appear
until the links are removed. These links may have been placed on your site
without your knowledge in an attempt to boost other sites’ search engine

I am what you call a semi-expert where web publishing is because I am such a smart girl. *grins* I read up a lot of SEO and webmaster stuffs so more or less I am in the know.

However, I believe there are millions of clueless blog owners out there who do not know what happened. So, I hope Google will continue to work on this cancerous epidemic of invisible spam injections so that those MTF-kers black hats SEOs do not prey on innocent publishers. They are akin to robbing traffic, pagerank and income from poor and innocent folks.

Matt has a blog post about ‘Helping hacked sites‘ and I highly recommend everyone to read it.

I am not always in Google’s list of obedient bloggers but I certainly appreciate their efforts in contacting the sites that have been hacked without the knowledge of the owners. Can I say that Google watches out for the little people too? But don’t forget, they smack us too. Well, if there is a balance, then I shouldn’t gripe.

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    Make Money Talks

    (July 8, 2008 - 2:04 am)

    Useful info on Matt Cutts blog, thanks for link!


    (July 8, 2008 - 11:28 am)

    Spam is terrible, especially when it ruins a blog’s integrity. Thanks for this post!

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