Phweet! Our nuffnang earnings to increase 50%!

Bloggers on average will see a 50% or more increase in their earnings beginning this week.

Have you read the good news? It is on nuffnang’s blog.

This week alone, you will see campaigns not only from the SMEs that have supported us ever so dearly but also from bluechip advertisers like MPH, Kurnia and Pensonic. These ad campaigns cover the many hundreds of blogs in our community, and is set to grow even more.

For that reason, the economies of scale we have gained from your generous support have allowed us to revise our blogger bands which result in increased earnings for bloggers in our community. Bloggers on average will see a 50% or more increase in their earnings beginning this week.

I notice a few of my friends’ blogs have MPH and Pensonic advertisements. iLike! But what I get is pretty interesting too like the – World Best Mobile fun on my personal blog 5xmom. If not for the ad, I probably did not know about the site. My teenage sons love to download stuffs on their mobile phones so it comes in handy.

Looks like more and more interesting companies are putting their ads on our blog now. I just love the ‘local feel’ of it. Hope one day we will be getting free samples and free products for review ala paid posts. So, have you join [tag]nuffnang[/tag] yet? Almost every bloggers known on the local Malaysian blogsphere are carrying some ads, why not you? Fuyoh, not to act like jakun lah, but Zeo‘s blog with PR7/10 also carries nuffnang ads. Cun!

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3 thoughts on “Phweet! Our nuffnang earnings to increase 50%!


    (May 14, 2007 - 7:00 pm)

    I got only RM1.40 earning from nuffnang :(


    (May 15, 2007 - 6:31 am)

    Wahhh… 50% increase. Thanks Nuffnang. yea, I love the Never heard of it but thanks to Nuffnang and of coz blog like Lilian’s, where traffic is always traffic jam so for a mere blogger like me be able to see the ads really just awesome. ;)
    If not, siapa lah tau apa itu


    (May 15, 2007 - 2:35 pm)

    nuffnang advertiser dun like me….i dun have any!! waaaaaaaaaaa!!! :(

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