I received an email from someone who wrote to me personally. I cannot verify if this is indeed true. But no harm sharing it, just in case there are others who fall into the same scam.

Sam < @yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Ms. Lilian,

I just want to share my experience with you.
Recently I posted to sell my laptop on mudah.com.my.
I got a feedback very quick from a lady who said she is from Canada.
She wants me to deliver the laptop to her mom in Nigeria.
Then I received an email from a bank Royal Bank of Canada confirming her
But I need to ship to her the item before the bank can release the payment to
The bank is real and reputable.
But this is a SCAM, the bank email is r.b.c_wiretransfer@financier.com
she even asked me to pay the custom duty which I did paid half of it after
negotiating through Western Union to Nigeria.
She gave me an University address to her mom which is a lecturer Dr.
I felt cheated as I did not check the bank email or contact to bank personally
to confirm.
Many scams from Nigeria is using financier.com email to scam people.
I hope you can share this with other people as a precaution.
Thank you very much.

Aha, next time whenever someone mention the name Nigeria, please run the other direction. However, I hope Sam has brought this matter to Mudah.com.my administration as well. I never buy or sell anything online, do not even have an eBay account so I know nothing about being scammed. Maybe ignorance is bliss after all.

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