PayPerPost USD1K income earner is a motivation to me

When I read this post from [tag]PayPerPost[/tag], I squeaked a little and make a little imaginary clap.  You see, the internet is clogged with lots and lots of techie guys who write Greek stuffs.  Well, they are Greek to me because I do not know what is Web 2.0, Ubuntu, Ajax, Linus yadda yadda yadda.  This is especially so in my country because those guys who ‘made it’ to call themselves probloggers have these airs in them that they know everything about the internet.

Well, at least LiewCF’s blog is still graspable by people like me.  People like me are only interested in writing what we know, i.e. mundane stuffs we do everyday like eating, cooking, taking care of kids and we care about $$$$$$ too.  Oh yeah, I have found another fellow female blogger in Diana.  We are sharing tips on [tag]making money[/tag].  Then, again Diana has some computer background, not like me who have nil.  Anyway, before I forget, Diana used my referral link (use my gmail the5xmom(@) to sign up with PayPerPost.  She is now writing and earning an income too.  Plus I had received the referral fee from PayPerPost.  Tks, Diana!

Ok, back to my first paragraph why I was happy to hear about PayPerPost USD  One thousand income earner.  Here’s why:

“I’d love to save it up and do something nice for my family – a big vacation, or something new for the house,” said Caldwell. Colleen is currently on track to earn more than $6,000 this year from using the blog advertising service. Caldwell continued, “I used to run a parenting Web site and I am familiar with advertising online, CPMs, etc…and I hated having to depend on click-throughs or purchases to make any money.” The PayPerPost model differs from other advertising models in that its impact and payment model isn’t measured solely on clicks.

Colleen Caldwell of Tampa, Florida is the enterprising[tag] blogger[/tag] to first reach the mark using the online advertising service on her [tag]blog[/tag] Colleen has been using the PayPerPost system for about seven weeks.  (full post on PayPerPost)

As for me, I have earned USD70 (an improvement over my last post).  I have told my kids that whatever that goes into my PayPal will be free for them to purchase their skateboarding stuffs from the States.  (generally it is cheaper to mail order than buying local where skateboarding stuffs are concerned)  It is a win-win situation.  I get to write because I love writing, I earn a bit for the kids’ luxury and I helped those advertisers promote their sites (which are all related to my parenting blog) and most important of all, I have income to motivate me to continue running my parenting forum and encourage breastfeeding.  (it is a tough job administering a forum full of women, you know?)

Go check out PayPerPost.   And nope, I am not paid to promote this because so far, I can only write on one blog until I have surpassed 10 postings before I can add another blog. I am happy just to share tips with anyone interested to read.

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    Diana Tan

    (October 27, 2006 - 3:31 am)

    Thanks for the mention, Lilian. So far one post got approved and two rejected but I have since amended them, hence you got the referal fee. The others are still pending. I have accummulated USD61.50 so far and posts whenever I have the time. Thank you for the link.

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