PayPerPost Townhall Meeting

I joined in the PayPerPost Townhall meeting or to put it simply, group chat just now. Maybe it is a Sunday, so there weren’t that many posties attending. I managed to catch Owen of U-g-h over there and it was 5.30 pm for him. Meanwhile, it is midnight for me here in Malaysia. The posties in USA just woke up from their sleep. It is a good way to get to know the posties because we actually have two chat places. One with the posties and the main one with a one-to-one chat with Ted Murphy.

Compared to the last Townhall meeting I attended, this is quite a smooth and fast one. I suppose everyone is sort of happy with the current situation. No major gripes about segmentation and categories.

However, the most frequently asked question is related to our guesses what PayPerPost is up to. Noteworthy from the transcript I took from PPP’s blog:

Owen: What’s this big news in the pipeline ?

Ted Murphy: the first is the acquisition, the second is something i can’t announce yet, but there will be a new that launches in conjunction

Ted Murphy: there will be a new, not a new site all together.

So, it looks like my earlier post is not very far off. Peeps, let’s keep our fingers crossed that PPP is expanding and getting more rewarding.

And just for fun, I asked Ted this:

lilian: If I can win Perez Hilton in the Most Obnoxious, LOL, will PPP sponsor my trip to the US of A?

Ted Murphy: :) wish I could!

Full transcript here on PayPerPost blog

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