PayPerPost TOS (terms of service)

Try to Google for PayPerPost TOS and tell me what you get? ;)

I have just returned from several really sucky blogs that write for PayPerPost and I must say that some of these bloggers really deserved to be kicked out of the system for blatant abuse of the system. However, in my opinion, it is none of our business to police them. I trust that PayPerPost has their own mechanism to sniff out these bad blogs and mete out whatever they need to do. Like Google, you have no second chance. If you play the system and they are sure about it, out you go with no further explanation.

However, one thing that struck me is this part of the PPP’s TOS :

4.5 POST DISPUTES. (taken from PPP TOS page)

You agree that so long as a Blogger has met the requirements as outlined in your Opportunity you will not deny payment. Advertisers may not discriminate based on aesthetics, grammar, Blog layout, or the racial, physical, political, spiritual, age, gender or sexual orientation characteristics of the Blogger. Payment will be made to the Blogger unless the Blogger has violated the terms of this agreement or the specific terms of your Opportunity as stated in writing.

Now, I am speechless. The next time an advertiser complained, just scream back, “DUDE, DIDN’T YOU READ PAYPERPOST TOS 4.5!” I is not happy bcoz yew komplain me grandma grammar baddest!

However, there is a clause for Bloggers :

English Only Blogs. The Blog and all posts relating to PayPerPost Opportunities must be in the English language or such other language as is identified in the particular Opportunity.

Now, there is no mention of the Queen’s English which is what we are using or American ones. Like dude, you know, like I don’t really get the drift of like whatcha mean you know…..

Anyway, on the serious side, here are some of the points posties should watch out for. Make sure you stick to them and don’t ever plead ignorance.

PPP TOS, copied on 23rd August, 2007. Subject to change anytime so always refer to the official site.


If you have a Blog accepted into the Marketplace, you must comply with the following Posting Requirements:

1. Frequency of Posts. You may post a maximum of two (2) PayPerPost Opportunity-related posts, Direct or Marketplace, per blog in any given day. PayPerPost Opportunity-related posts may not appear consecutively on your Blog. Each PayPerPost Opportunity post must be separated by at least one non-sponsored, original content, post. ‘Sponsored’ posts apply to both PayPerPost Direct and Marketplace Opportunities, as well as other sponsored posts from competitive services.
2. Interim Posts. Your last non Opportunity-related post must have been within the 7 days immediately preceding your Opportunity-related post. After any break in blog activity of 7+ days, interim posts, that is, posts between Opportunity-related posts, submitted on the same day as your paid Opportunity-related posts will not count towards this requirement.
3. Private Posts. Interim posts must not be labeled “Private” or locked out. Interim posts must also be of a reasonable length, at least one paragraph, 3-5 sentences. If your Blog’s interim posts lack quality PayPerPost may terminate your account.
4. Obstructions. Elements on a Blog page must not obscure any portion of an Opportunity-related post and the posting must be visible, readable and reasonably coherent.
5. Inline Ads and Links. There are to be no third party links, ads or other detractors located within the sponsored post.
6. Unique Content. Identical or nearly identical Opportunity-related posts will not qualify for payment under the Marketplace and may result in termination of your account.
7. Time Shifting. A submitted Opportunity-related post’s date of submission to PayPerPost must match the date of creation as reflected in your Blog time stamp, date line or archives. A submitted post’s date must also be relative to the timeframe of an Opportunity’s life span.
8. Use of Software. Software may not be used to create posts or otherwise place PayPerPost code in a repetitive or not original fashion
9. Manipulation of Code. Any PayPerPost Link code must be pasted directly into Blog pages without modification. PayPerPost participants are not allowed to alter any portion of the code.
10. Holding. Attempting to ‘hold’ a post by submitting to the ‘Take this Opportunity’ screen but failing to provide a written post to the requirements of the Advertiser will result in immediate suspension of your account.
11. Inappropriate Content. Posts submitted to Marketplace Opportunities may not include or support: excessive profanity, violence or racial intolerance, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia, pornography, adult or mature content, any other content that promotes intolerance, illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others.

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2 thoughts on “PayPerPost TOS (terms of service)


    (August 24, 2007 - 12:13 am)

    I am guilty as charged. I do read some of the rules but not 100%. There was once where I almost broke the 5.5 #3 rule (but I didn’t lah of course ;-) ).


    (August 29, 2007 - 11:27 pm)

    btw. does anyone know how long it takes to get a PPP post approved, granted it’s my first post, i.e. their offer, but I submitted it on the 23rd and still up to today, no answer !


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