PayPerPost (PPP) – how writing earns you money

I have several blogs on different niche topics like parenting, food and children’s related matters. Therefore, I have the space to test out all the various money making programmes. It is fun for me, a full-time mom to experiment what the net has to offers and then, share them with other stay-at-home moms.

Many women like me used to have a proper job, doing things that require some skills and when we switch role to fulltime moms, we need some avenues to put channel those energy into something ‘adult’ instead of just diaper changing and burping babies. I have the luxury of time now because my toddler is not as clingy and all my other children are grown up. Moreover, I am not into making money but rather, enjoying the challenges of seeking and finding what options we have to earn money without actually doing something physical that takes us away from home.

It is through bad publicity given by Calacanis that brought me to[tag] PayPerPost[/tag]. Initially, I wasn’t interested about PPP because earning USD5 seems like a small amount. However, when I read the intensity of Calacanis in smearing PPP, calling [tag]bloggers[/tag] who blog for money ‘slimeballs’, I love it! I like controversy and believe that there must be something good in PPP to get that kind of bad vibes.

So, I immediately sign up with[tag] PPP[/tag] and wait for an approval. Note that PPP do not just take any copy-paster, no brainer blogs. They vet through the blogs and there are certain criterias to meet. You also cannot make a continous pay-per-post blog posting. It has to be alternate with a normal blog post. Mind you, the advertisers also give you some criteria to meet.

I need to post 10 posts before I can add another blog. So far, I have managed only 5 posts and I have earned USD36. Some of the posts earn me USD12 and some only USD5.

The amount will go into my Paypal after I have put up the blog post for 30 days. Initially, I thought USD5 is dirt cheap but after writing for a few times, I realise the benefit of PPP:

  1. I have the excitement to log on to PPP every morning to look for opportunities;
  2. PPP gives me ideas what to write (as my niche topic blogs can get boring and I do get bloggers block easily)
  3. Some posts pay as much as USD500! Many PPP posties (name we call ourselves) earn USD2K per month
  4. I discover new sites with useful information like how to prepare baby foods, how to eat healthily and etc which will benefits readers of my blog

Regarding the questions of ethics, I do categorise my PPP blog post under a special category call Products so that readers know I am earning some income from it. I have the freedom to either write a positive, neutral or negative tone posts because they make it clear how they want the posts to be. In order words, I am not bullshitting through my teeth. I make sure that whatever I wrote are filled with my personal experience and knowledge. Anyway, we bloggers are always giving free publicities to other sites when we use their materials, so why not get paid for it for a change, right? Moreover, there are no strings attached.

So, if you are a blogger with a love for writing, do sign up with PPP and hang around there to grab the opportunities. Folks, throw me USD5 if you are generous. Just quote my email the5xmom(@) when you fill up the form. (take away the bracket ( ) at the @,please). Remember that you need Paypal account to sign up.

No worries, it’s not too complicated. Simply tell your friend about PayPerPost. You can use the referral system on your blogger dashboard or you can send your own email, shout it from the rooftops, whatever. The magic all happens when your friend is creating an account. During the signup phase there is a field for the email address of the referrer (that’s you). Make sure that your friend uses your email address when they signup or you won’t get credit. This is a one time shot, so make sure you stress that to your buddy.

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4 thoughts on “PayPerPost (PPP) – how writing earns you money


    (October 23, 2006 - 10:21 am)

    haha, so this is the one uutalked about la … but my blog pending so damn long edy, dunno when they gonna approve it – haha

    Diana Tan

    (October 24, 2006 - 3:48 am)

    I also got about the same amount for 4 posts so far but sometimes they do reject the blog. I am still waiting for my 4 posts to be approved.


    (November 16, 2006 - 5:51 am)

    I sign-up already. And i also put you as my referer.
    Now how do I do the review?? I only see details but I dunno how to go about reviewing…

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