PayPerPost new ridiculous TOS

To the [tag]PayPerPost[/tag]’s posties, you may want to read the new TOS. PPP says that we cannot have any paid posts back to back. Any means, any other companies. Indirectly, PPP makes the rules for other paid posts companies. Yes, you read it right.

Well, I have made a lot less [tag]PPP[/tag] posts lately and don’t think that will affect me much. So, all I can say is tralalala….

Go read the 16 pages discussion on PPP’s forum.

How I see it?

1) Posties are going to come up with a lot of crappy interims that go something like, it is hot, so hot, I need to bathe.

2) Good posties (like me :) ) are going to find other resources.

3) PPP’s head has gotten too big. Is this an effort to kill off other pay to blog companies?

4) Making faithful and reliable posties dissatisfied can snowball to bad publicity.

5) Posties who faithfully stood up for PPP when it was at its infancy’s stage have now lost that faith. I was one of those who stood up for PPP when PPP was bashed by all the A-list bloggers. Now, PPP is just a moneybag, not a company that I proudly work for. The quality and dedication are different.

You know what? I have two blogs which are filled with mostly paid posts (Questions and Foods for the Souls). I write darn good posts there and my advertisers have no problem with that. So, the step taken by PPP to insist for interims for posts that don’t belong to them is a mistake. It is better we write good posts than to fill with shitloads of interims that don’t make sense.

Anyway…no big deal about that because I have always seperated my PPP blogs from non-PPP blogs. Another reason why it is wise to listen to the 5xmom to get shitloads of domains and blogs.

Nyek, I told you so!

Post Author: lilian

13 thoughts on “PayPerPost new ridiculous TOS


    (September 5, 2007 - 4:48 pm)

    I think I need to take a shit. LOL! P/s : I am on my way to creating another monster of a blog. And it is all because of your evil influence. You are more evil than John Chow!


    (September 5, 2007 - 4:49 pm)

    pablo – LOL, fun right? Like rearing little chicks.


    (September 5, 2007 - 5:16 pm)

    Ya ya ya, and i just bought more domains today, and none of them for PPP, nyek, nyek, nyek. With the othr companies, can also make 10k+ liao, who cares lah, bout PPP


    (September 5, 2007 - 5:41 pm)

    I don’t like them dictating how our posts go on our site. They can dictate how their own ads go, but not others’ ads. Its like telling your neighbour how to grow their plants and where to put them.

    Wayne Liew

    (September 5, 2007 - 5:57 pm)

    I think I read about this terms not long ago in PPP. Anyway, if I am writing paid post now, I will try to alternate it to suit the terms…


    (September 5, 2007 - 7:27 pm)

    still got Blogsvertise, Smorty, Sponsoredreviews, Reviewme, Linkpost and Payu2blog what…..don’t worry laaa…


    (September 5, 2007 - 7:39 pm)

    1. I don’t understand how PPP can dictate things like that, in regards to other companies. There are other companies that allow bloggers to post their entries back to back..

    2. This is just too much. Too much trying to control what limited free speech we already have. Too much trying to dictate what we can do on our own time, on our own blogs, with other services.

    that’s what they said about this in the forum….


    (September 5, 2007 - 8:11 pm)

    “Now, PPP is just a moneybag, not a company that I proudly work for.”

    I’ve realized this earlier!


    (September 5, 2007 - 9:26 pm)

    it is us, the bloggers who pump up PPP head become so big. I was once posted 2 consecutive paid post and got rejected.
    haii.. too lazy to read their TOS la

    Polizei Niedersachsen

    (September 6, 2007 - 3:00 am)

    I germany we use trigami. What companies in america offers ppp ?
    How much can i get?

    Chris Merriman

    (September 6, 2007 - 3:15 am)

    Wow, I was away from the forums for 3 and a bit days, and a 25 page thread was created!
    I’m still ploughing through it now, but just wanted to say thanks for the heads up in this post, as not all posties read the forums.


    (September 6, 2007 - 3:37 pm)

    Actually I agree, PPP is getting a bit ridiculous. Maybe they have made a lot of money now that they can afford to be big headed… apa boleh buat? Like you said, there’s always other opportunities.


    (March 20, 2008 - 5:44 am)

    Payperpost is just a scam, period. I was cheated out of over 5 oppotunities in the last month totalling $160+ because of one or other stupid TOS rule that I DIDN’T EVEN BREAK…. They said I did back-to-back paid posts nd removed all 5 of my most recent jobs.

    #1. I didn’t back-to-back the PPP posts
    #2. I don’t use any other paid blogging service

    I did alternate a few NON-PAID posts about ClickBank products and other affiliate programs in between the PPP posts but they were not pad for, they were marketing (which is the focus of my blog).

    I’ve never taken any opps that did not match my nice and I have written quality articles but PPP are liars, thieves and crooks.

    Avoid paid blogging.

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