PayPerPost Direct – Why advertisers should use them

PayPerPost has two methods for bloggers to make money from writing paid posts. One is through the marketplace where advertisers create opportunities with lower fees per post. The other is the PayPerPost Direct which should rightfully reward bloggers with higher fees.


Advertisers have a lot of control using PayPerPost Direct because they get to have a close look at a blog before they pick the blogger to review their services or products. Therefore, there is no worries of bloggers misquoting their intended reviews or bloggers producing shoddy works.

Secondly, the higher payout normally guarantees a much higher quality review because the bloggers do tend to produce more detailed post compared to the regular ones they take from the marketplace. No doubt, we bloggers will try to put our best work regardless of the payout, it is human nature that people will give a better results with say, USD50 than a USD5 job.

So, if you have something you wish to review, please click on the sidebar button with ‘Hire Me’. A post on this site is USD60.



In the last few days, I have received three PayPerPost Direct opportunities for various blogs. I had done them within a day and received my payment within four days. The total amount I received for the three posts are USD140.

If you note, I have placed a much higher price than other bloggers with the same pagerank as me. I notice some PR5/10 bloggers accept USD20 per opp while my personal blog with PR5/10 quoted USD128. I know I won’t have much chance to get a review with that price but I believe I shouldn’t short sell myself.

I hope other bloggers too won’t short sell themselves by quoting as low as USD5 or even USD10. You can get that kind of money from the marketplace so why kill the potential of the paid post industry? Moreover, when advertisers see an amount that is too low, they may hesitate as it probably spells desperation and cheap labour.

As to how advertisers found us, well they can get a list of the bloggers from the bloggers directory. (heh, you need to google for it :P). However, I believe my advertisers probably google for some keywords and found my blogs niche suitable for them.

So, place your PPP Direct’s button on your sidebar to attract advertisers. And please keep a standard price for all your paid post, whether it is through LinkWorth, SponsoredReviews or ReviewMe. To me, ‘standard’ means the amount the advertisers have to pay. Not the amount I receive. With ReviewMe, an advertiser  has to pay USD60 for a review here. I only get USD30. With PPP, I get the full USD60.

Let’s hope more advertisers will approach us through PPP Direct!

Post Author: lilian

3 thoughts on “PayPerPost Direct – Why advertisers should use them


    (August 6, 2007 - 11:07 am)

    You know what? I offered to review for USD20 at Blogsreview and after one advertiser had a direct deal with me, I have now pushed up the price to USD25 and I intend to increase by USD5 for each new review brought. This should in a way reward advertisers who buy their reviews earlier than the latter. Heh! Heh!


    (August 6, 2007 - 1:16 pm)

    Hi lilian,

    Nice opinion u got there i agree with your opinion to not sell your service too cheap…

    But some of this people are not from US like india/indon/others country that have less currency value. They think that price do no harm to them but they actually under valued they self so not a wise move actually.

    However when this things happen (sooner or later) the competition will be tough to PPP user or reviewme.

    however at the moment i still didn’t monetize my blog using PPP or reviewme..or others (except google adsense) since i am still learning and experimenting my blog traffic…

    Hmmm love your blog mommy…:) eh, you should share the blogger directory things la.. :P


    You should push some more la…get like USD30-50 k.. this is nothing for the people from US it’s mean something to us but nothing to them.

    Heheh good luck to you..lilian and pablo…


    (August 6, 2007 - 5:17 pm)

    In other words, don’t spoil the market!!!

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