I didn’t know this blog is on the blog of the day until mistipurple mentioned to me. So, I log in and found a message from PayPerPost.

Well, I don’t know if it is good news or bad news but PayPerPost now accepts blogs that are only 30 days old and has 10 posts. For the new bloggers, it means good news because you can start earning the moment you join as PayPerPost usually have some intro posts for you to write. You can join using this button and make me very rich. *sniggers*

However, for us oldies, it means the grazing ground is getting drier and the oasis is full of skeletons. Oldies know what I am talking about.

Do you see the amount I have earned from PayPerPost? Attractive, right? But ooopss…I have retired mostly from paid posts. Now, I am into a new game already. When it pays off, I will teach you how. Right now, my comrade and I are still learning from our sifu or master. It pays to be a woman and an Asian ‘cos American men dig Asians. Threesome is so exciting. *cackles*

On a serious note, yes, paid post is the fastest way to make money and it is fun blogging too. However, your blog cannot have the no-follow tags like what I am using here and you must write in coherent sentences. Decent English and a nicely maintained blog with one non-paid post in between your paid posts. By far, PayPerPost is one of the most dynamic company in terms of the amount of advertisers, publicity (good and bad hehehe) and payout.

Do find out more information, the good and the risk in my category marked PayPerPost. *grins innocently*

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