Who is my webhost – IXIY

A few people have written to me to ask about my webhost. So, to save replying to all the emails, let me put down in one post and next time, I just post the link. I have a lot of blogs to make money. I also have a forum that eats up a lot of […]

The news that make you go WTF….

I read this piece of news recently and it makes me go what the……… At my age, it is our responsibilities to have some money for rainy days, college fees and later on, university fees. So, we have to keep some of these money in the bank. It is very depressing that the interest rates […]

Online income and recession

There is so much talk about the US recession being an L shape and Malaysia recession being a U shape and not a V shape etc etc. Being an average income family, I do not worry so much about the recession hitting my family. However, I can foresee it affecting my online income. Recession is […]

Advertlets has not pay since last year?

I don’t subscribed to many local make money blogs feeds because most of them are just basically copy and paste jobs. But here is one that works really hard. Shamoneymaker is a Singaporean and he puts a lot of dedication into his writings, analysing and dissecting information and produce original posts. According to Sha : […]

March on…

I heard that there was a Google pagerank recently? Is it true? I don’t see any increase or disappearance of my blogs PR so I cannot be sure. Was there a Google pagerank update in February or March 2009?

wOOt! RM3.63 against USD1

My hubby went to cash out the money from my Google Adsense income through Western Union – CIMB. He mumbled a figure to me and I went, “Really, cannot be! According to my calculations, it should be around ‘X’ amount of money only. Hubby took out the slip and showed me. Now, that got both […]