Did my personal blog just get a PR5/10?

Thanks to FlikTeoh who has a blog Online Money, I checked my pagerank and according to the little green bar, I have PR five! Pagerank 5/10! I had pagerank 5/10 a long time ago but Google murdered my pagerank after they found out that I was doing PayPerPost. I removed all my PayPerPost posts (I […]

No notifications from Paypal about funds received

I was sitting here and wondering why none of the companies have paid me. Usually, several companies pay me before the end of the month. So, I waited and waited for the emails to come in. And there is none. Finally, I logged into my PayPal account and discovered that five payments have been sent […]

Onward March ended with goofing

At the beginning of March, I tried to get back to work hard on making money online. For a few days, I did. I had a few paid posts which pays well. But along the way, once again, I dropped off. Now, it is the last day of March already. My income is certainly lower […]

Donation to the meals for the homeless

First of all, thank you very much for the contributions for meals for the homeless. I have collected more than what I required. Since the money are from all of you, I must produce the expenditures : I spent about RM280. Two receipts for the purchase of chicken, vegetables and spices are shown above. I […]

So Menj bought Petaling Street Project?

Hmm….congrats, Menj! So, errm….are you going to be stricter than Aiz? Or is PPS going to remain status quo with all those footballs and not-funny at all webshites and those desperadoes who ping 100 posts at one go? But coming from one make money blogger to another, good move, Menj! LOL, I hope you don’t […]

You got USD2 to spare? Can you donate?

Gee, I feel kind of funny to ask people for donations. I use my son to do the dirty job on my personal blog and my recipe blog. But I think it is easier I ask it head on because many of you have PayPal account. Do you have USD2 to spare? Can you donate […]