Online blogging for Google Adsense and pagerank

12Jul Do you have a Yahoo Geocities site somewhere?

For the longest time, I have been meaning to move my Yahoo Geocities site to either a, or even my own hosting. However, the sites I have are not exactly the most cheerful site. So, I never do anything about them.

Some of my Yahoo Geocities sites are more than six years old and they are my very first venture into web building. It is like the beginning of my online adventure. From someone who doesn’t know html, I managed to grasp it after learning to make websites using Yahoo page builder.

Then, through the years, I advanced to where I am now. I know a bit of web mastering, web hosting, own several sites, has a virtual private server and make lots of money online.

Now, the end is near. Yahoo Geocities is going to close down all Yahoo Geocities sites. Here is a notice I get :

Important notice: GeoCities is closing.

Dear Yahoo! GeoCities customer,

We’re writing to let you know that Yahoo! GeoCities, our free web site building service and community, is closing on October 26, 2009.

On October 26, 2009, your GeoCities site will no longer appear on the Web, and you will no longer be able to access your GeoCities account and files.

My first Yahoo Geocities site was made by a lady from Texas, USA for me. The second one was made by me. Back then, midi files were like the most awesome thing on earth. Now, we have advanced to videos and even live tv.

Yet, the song ‘Winds Beneath My Wings’ still breaks my heart. So, I won’t be moving anytime soon. I shall wait till September 24th is over before I do that.

24Jun Hiaks…Celebrating my first RM30K

Picture 1.png

If you recognise where this screenshot is taken from, good.
If you don’t, you probably missed one of the best place to make money online in Malaysia.

A cool RM3K is coming this month and also the next. I have made it a point to spend one third of my local income on me, myself, I every month. And I notice I have under-pampered myself because the credit card bill just arrived and I only spent RM1.3K on my credit card bills and most of them are purchases I made for groceries, books and stuffs for my sons.

So, must make it a point to spend more on myself so that I have more motivation to make more money.

I think I could make twice the amount if I have lived in KL because all the goodies go to KL bloggers. Penang bloggers are often passed over because we are not the cool and happening crowd. Another thing is some local advertisers hate me for my political stand. Not that I care, doh…..I won’t change the tune of my blog, everrrr to suit advertisers. Take it or leave it, I don’t really care.

So how much have you made from this company?

12Jun Do you 666 or 755?

I have upgraded several blogs to WordPress 2.8. It is pretty easy when you just need to press the Upgrade button from your Dashboard and leave the whole thing to upgrade itself.

However, my webhost is rather strict with security nowadays because I am too obnoxious LOL. So, I can’t upgrade some of my blogs using the easy way.

So, do you 666 or 755 or even worst 777?

If you don’t know the meaning of these numbers, you are probably :

1) A gambler who only see numbers as lucky numbers that can strike the jackpot

2) You are a good Christian and good Christians don’t like 666

3) You probably own your own domains and hostings but clueless about these numbers and deserve to get hack one of these days

11Jun This blog runs on WP 2.8

I have just upgraded this blog to WP 2.8. I cannot do the auto upgrading from my dashboard because of some problems with comment.php. So, I used ftp to send all the WP 2.8 files to my server.

I do not have time to explore yet but I know the widgets are easier to manage now because we can view several widgets at one go. Previously, it was a pain because we can only manage one widget at a time.

Now, I have to spend a lot of time to upgrade all my 20 WordPress blogs….Sigh….

05Jun Advertlets Kanasai? LOL

Here is one darn frustrated guy who opens a blog just for Advertlets. I am not sure how to translate the meaning of Kanasai but it has to do with the f word and shit.

This is what he said :

Ahh! Don’t listen to all these Advertlets bullshit! They talk craps. They don’t keep their promises. When I clicked on the cashout button FOUR MONTHS AGO, my status still remain unpaid. I was like, what the fuck? How the fuck did they manage our account? Our hard-earned money??!! Advertlets, you suck.

To those who have not been scammed by Advertlets, or if you’re still working with this slowest Advertising Company in South East Asia, I suggest you to remove all the Advertlets ads from your blog. Trust me, you can still earn a lot from Nuffnang.

Of course, I assume the writer is a he from the way he writes. Moreover he uses the name Wilson.

I cannot comment on it because I have never put any Advertlets ads. But I have heard some complains on my blog post on Advertlets though. Like Advertlets never pay for a long time. And more Advertlets never pay rant by some publishers. Or are you getting shortchanged by ads companies like Advertlets? Goodness gracious, some of my posts on Advertlets dated back to 2007. So, bloggers, wisen up.

26May Wonder if I should go ‘legal’?

I just logged into one of my paid post companies and found over 14 posts to be written. Sigh…once upon a time, I will be happy. But lately, I have so many things, priorities changed.

I have also not been responding to some of the companies that provided me the posts and I have to write within five days. I just let them expire and never bother.

Things change. Priorities shift places. What matters previously, become less important now. USD5 used to mean a lot to me previously because if I can get 20 times of USD5, I am making a lot of money in a day already. But things get a bit dry and tiring after a while.

I have taken off PayPerPost codes and also the links on the posts on some blogs but I can never clean them all. There are thousands of posts on at least five blogs. So, it is almost impossible to clean up all the blogs.

Therefore, I can never go legal in some of my blogs even if i should decide that I am not ever going to sell links and write paid posts.

After making a lot of money, spending a lot of time teaching people how to make money, I have sort of move on. It is a good thing. I am free from the bondage of making money online. There is no more pressure to check my mobile phone when I am out shopping or having a good time to see if I have any money to make online. There is no more worries about deadline except for the occasional local ones.

However….I am still getting a stable income from passive income so I will just enjoy the phase until I feel like getting back to make money online aggressively.

20May Who moved my pagerank (aka cheese)

I am currently reading Who Moved My Cheese. It is a rather corny book that I regretted buying. But then, my lecturer in the course I am taking, psycho-spirituality said it is a good book that talks about change. So, like the gullible person that I am, I spend RM29.90 on a really thin book with large fonts.

Here’s a short video I made the other day about me and things that cheesed me off :

I don’t know but I somehow relate the Who Moved My Cheese to Who Moved My Pagerank. As you can see, my pagerank was taken away recently. At other times, I would be terribly depressed and will analysed what when wrong, work around the clock to get it back and appeal to Google and such.

However, I don’t seem to care anymore. Now, I use only Safari on my iMac and Google Chrome on my Vista laptop. So, I don’t see any freaking non-existence green juice on Firefox to cheese me off. I have also reduced my online making money stuffs but concentrate of the web administration of two sites (that don’t belong to me but some organisations). Apart from that, I am either busy video filming, editing or spending time of my own.

The book on Who Moved My Cheese is about four mice who deal with changes. There are two who moved on as soon as a cheese station dries up. One Hem refused to do anything but live in constant fear. One Haw made some feeble attempts after being starved. I want to adopt the approach of the other two mice who constantly move on.

Who knows, video blogging will be the next big thing (it is already) and I could make money from them one day?

So, to those who have traits of Hem and Haw, try using Safari, Opera, Explorer, Chrome so that you don’t see the blardy green tool that boosts your ego when you have it and deflated your ego when it is gone, at Google’s fancy.