The pagerank hasn’t been stable and last night, after hearing that Johnchow dot com has a PR 3 from his PR 4, I went to check and found that John Chow still hold on to his PR 4/10.

But today, I saw that John Chow now really carries PR 3/10 on his blog. Of course, you may be aware that John Chow’s site has been deindexed for the name John Chow or even You cannot find him when you make a Google search. It is buried deep down.

Of course, that doesn’t stop him from making lots of money. But remember boys and girls, we are not John Chow and we cannot do what he does. John Chow can afford to lose a -1 pagerank and he can still increase his paid post rate to USD500 per piece from the usual USD400.

All of us will get smacked with a PR 0 if we write the amount of paid posts like what John Chow did. The world is not fair. Live with it. :P

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