Warkah Untuk PM or Letter to the Prime Minister is a website launched just before the Malaysia General Election because our dear PM suddenly wants to feel connected to his minions citizens. The moment it was released, I did a major SEO on it and now, I regret I did it.


I am on #1 for the keyword. Should I be happy? Nay…

(the main url will lead to this email login page)

You know why? The original site is no longer available online as I write this. And the clueless folks are still landing on my personal blog and tell me about their blocked drains, their support for the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and their lost documents etc etc. Haiyor…I have put up a disclaimer plus three huge notices that the site is my personal blog and not the Prime Minister official site.

Yet, all these clueless folks still leave their pleas, their grandmother stories for the PM on my post. DOH! I refuse to close comment because I want to see how many clueless folks we have in the country. I tell you, it is dead funny why people can be so blur. I think I will make a lot of money with scam since we have so many people who never use their brains to think when they read something online.

I could just tell them to remit some money for me after they had done their confessions with the PM online. With my terror-merror SEO skill, I think I should represent all bloggers in Malaysia. I have pwnd the new information sinister’s name, the curry website and even the PM.

And yes, this is just an obnoxious and humorous post. However, I find it shocking that after all the promotion in the media about the website Warkah Untuk PM, they have a 404 now. Those full page, colour advertisements in the major newspapers costs a shitload of money and those money are our taxpayers money. It is not funny, I tell you.

(see? 404 error)

Now, for some SEO tips.

1) Note that I use the keyword but it is linked to pages I want to promote;
2) Getting on the #1 page is the name of the game.
3) When you are there, it doesn’t matter what your page content is because the world is full of clueless people and they lapped up whatever craps you served.
4) Don’t attempt to do this because it will cause your CTR to plummet.
5) Do it if you feel wicked. How about pwning your enemy’s name? ;) But if you are not careful, you can get sued.

Have fun, anyway.

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