Nuffnang poll and five Chinese online money makers


Do you know that Nuffnang now enables us to put up a poll on our blog? I was told we can personalize our poll questions and I had done mine. It is on my personal blog. Just some inane questions to make people laugh because I do not trust polls results. In fact, I have never bothered about those polls and though I have WP-Polls, I couldn’t care less about it.

I changed the Nuffnang Poll widget with the following questions:

Do you read 5xmom?
Answer : Read? I hate it!

Describe 5xmom?
Answer : Kreakkk…ptui!


OK, two days ago, I got an email from with just a few interview questions. He too asked inane questions that are not related to make money online. He interviewed JohnChow, LiewCF, HongKiat and WayneLiew. Since the questions are short and not annoying, I replied immediately.

Colour of your toothbrush? HUH?

To find out more about the interview, go to his blog at and see what JohnChow and I have in common.

I just notice that Syamsulariff has given a useful tip on how to get more people to nang your post. Personally, I think this is a positive advice and I shall point it out to Nuffnang. I am sure it will make things easier for us to have the Nang button, very much like Digg. If Nuffnang can make it more convenient to submit our post to Innit, I think more people will do it. Right now, I really think the place is like a kids’ playground or shall I make it more palatable – like a paintball park?

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