Have you posted your cheque received from HSBC for Nuffnang’s income? No? let’s do it and show off. Hehehe, brag and boast a bit mah…

Actually this is the first time I posted Nuffnang cheque. Previously, I don’t like to boast about it because local ads don’t bring much money for us compared to the American dollars. Moreover, I know our local bloggers don’t get this much because the income relies heavily on our traffic. Remember that I have several blogs and almost all of them have Nuffnang ads. So, please don’t compare with your income if you have only one blog.

My small-ish blog only fetches around RM3.60 per week but what can I complain because the traffic is low, right?


Breaking into the local ads scene, getting noted by advertisers and being chosen by them to advertise on our blogs is not easy. You need to establish an identity or a brand name. It takes me three years, so please don’t bitch that I get more and you have less.

I can use the RM2.1K to get my yet to-be launched Sony Ericsson K850i. I heard it is coming out third week of November. Yay!!!!! Happy!!!!!

Jeles lehhh……

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