I have often said that the prospect of making money from blogs in Malaysia is very bright. Bloggers have a totally new image which is much more respectable and acceptable. (credible or not, that’s another question)

Just today, I was at the DAP’s official opening of their service centre in my area. While hanging around, waiting for the Chief Minister to arrive (the Penang CM is also the State Assemblyman of my area), all the people there were talking about what they just read from this blog, that blog and so on.

Gone were the days when they relied on printed media which came one day later. Now, the politicians blog direct from the Parliament and the regular Joe and Jane rely of these blogs for news.

So, if you are still not convince that blog is the new black, I do not know what else can convince you. Even our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir blogs. His blog url use his nickname Che Det. The domain name is http://www.chedet.com but Tun M blog is hosted on blogger.

Are you working hard on your blog to attract local advertisers yet? From my experience, I usually make my blog either for local Malaysian readers or I cater it for international traffic. Both cannot be lumped into one because if we do that, we lose out from both ends.

Local ads income are getting much better but local advertisers want a blog that has Malaysian traffic and Malaysian flavour.

International surfers will not be able to relate to our blog if we ‘Malaysian-ised’ our blog. So, what I do is to seperate my blogs. Even for my recipes and food blogs, I am beginning to slice them, re-dress them and ‘cook ‘ them for different tastebuds.

Blog is the new black. Start working on it now because the prospect of making money from them is bright. Think of your blog as a magazine with lots of ad spaces for rental.

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