I was lurking around the blogs of some of the so-called ‘femes’ bloggers in Malaysia. Actually, I was just reading up gossips on those blogs. But if you are in my kind of blogging where pagerank is everything and traffic indicates if ‘my blog is bigger than your blog’ kinda mentality, then, inevitably, you tend to compare.

So, that’s how I noticed the fall of PR on some of them. One blogger who used to be a PR 5/10, dropped to only PR 3/10. The other drop from PR 4/10 to PR 2/10. Theirs are personal blogs and are supposed to be the most popular blogs in Malaysia in terms of bimbo-points. Hehehe.

Now, let’s take a look at why their pagerank drop.

They don’t sell text links.

They don’t put ads because they want to appear rich and don’t need money.

They have some local advertorials but those are far and few in between.

They certainly are clueless about black hats.

They have good traffic and are probably mentioned by every Ah Beng, Ah Lian and La La mui.

So, why did their pagerank dropped?

I cannot figure out too.

In terms of traffic, one has twice my personal blog traffic and the other has less traffic than mine.

Therefore, this whole PR business is certainly puzzling. Why do one hold on to good PR while the others dropped?

None of us will ever figure out. I cannot too. But it is interesting to observe and dissect.

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