No more sponsored WordPress themes

I am not sure if you guys notice the load of uninspiring WordPress themes being churned out by the hundreds? All of them almost look the same except for a banner change here and there. I also notice the increasing numbers of two column themes with fixed width.

I hate fix width because I view from a 1280 resolution monitor and that two sides are awfully ugly. I only like fluid width, if I can help it.

And I cannot understand how one can fit into a single sidebar all the the necessities. I need two sidebars or my things will run a mile long. Actually, I got myself a modified theme tailored to my request. I asked GeekyGirl to design my new blog 5xmom V2.0 at I also use her free template on my personal blog. Check out GeekyGirl’s free wordpress themes. They are very nice. And this theme ericulous I am using now is great with the Adsense too. ;)

Normally, I get my WordPress Themes through Weblogtools Collection which has the feeds on our WordPress Dashboard. They announce that there will be no more sponsored themes featured. And PhotoMatt too has issued the policy.

Now, this makes me wonder…

– Will we see better WordPress themes from now on?

– Will the real talents comes forward and give us masterpieces?

– Are you going to donate a small sum to their PayPal Donate in return for the favour?

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1 thought on “No more sponsored WordPress themes


    (July 12, 2007 - 8:07 pm)

    I think no more sponsored themes in WordPress codex and Weblogtools Collection doesn’t mean no more sponsored themes in the world :D

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