Niamah, I don’t want to play Adwords anymore!

Curiousity got the better of me and this morning, I claimed my free USD30 Adwords from my hosting at Bluehost.

Being the total noob, I set up one ad and put a limit of USD100 per month. Within hours, I got 103 page impression (where my ads appear but no one gives a shit) and ONE FREAKING click but I have to pay USD3.30 for that. Ish! Why the earnings I get are miserable USD0.03 and yet, the few keywords and ONE FREAKING click cost me USD3.30?

So, I have suspended and deleted the campaign. I still have RM120 bucks in there ‘cos I need to pay RM40. You need RM20 to activate your account, btw.

Now where is the freaking button where I can open a new campaign? I want to make large rectangle ad banner on either LiewCF or I don’t care if it cost me all that RM100 in one day. At least I know they benefits from it and not some random noob’s blog by some random surfer who clicked my ad. Blek. Not fair!

So question – Where is the CCB button to start a new campaign? Whose blog should I target? What should I say? Ideas, please!  (edited : I found the tutorial already)

(yayaya, I know I should read the fine prints but who has time lah)

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5 thoughts on “Niamah, I don’t want to play Adwords anymore!


    (July 27, 2007 - 6:33 pm)

    In due respect to both those blogging gurus you mentioned, I honestly don’t think you need any more exposure from their blogs.

    You’re already a well known figure around their market, why not concentrate on those overseas one?

    No offense to the gurus of course. :-P


    (July 27, 2007 - 7:11 pm)

    You can set your max cost per click…


    (July 28, 2007 - 12:33 am)

    I am currently running an AdWords test over at and several other US based blogs. I’ll post the result in my blog next week.

    I’ll explain how to setup account the right way, targeting, split-testing, budgeting etc.. stay tuned :)


    (July 28, 2007 - 1:11 am)

    ermm . i dont see any free adgridword free ads on your sites. its much better than paying googles a fortune. i started using adgridword on july 6 , i got 11k impressions but only 15 clicks. but hey its free . :)

    […] Although the CTR is bad with only 13 visitors coming via Adgridwork I still consider this is good. How much do you pay for Adwords for 13 clicks? Have a look at bad experiment of Adwords here: […]

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