New blog dilemma – waiting for search engine traffic

There is something eerily wrong wtih this blog. I had been looking at my traffic stats and apparently, there is almost no traffic from search engines. I know where I have gone wrong but are not sure if I should do it right.

You see, there is nothing catchy about this site. Secondly, what comes out here are mostly stale stuffs. Words like money and internet are like a single hay in a whole bale. So, this few months old site is just a tiny speckle on the internet.

I have been reading this “Three-Steps to Search Engine Marketing” and am wondering if I should take the drastic action to getting increased search engine traffic. The suggestions and those of the commentors are workable.

I still have a lot to think about this because my original purpose of getting this domain was just for the thrill of owning a ‘piece of my identity’. But with the tips provided, I may just veer the blog in a more aggresive direction. Otherwise, it will sit here without ever getting hit by search engines. (you can see for yourself the pathetic number of organic traffic on my stats below)

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1 thought on “New blog dilemma – waiting for search engine traffic


    (December 8, 2006 - 1:00 pm)

    You should get rid of the /index.php/ thing in your permalinks.

    – MENJ

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