Net so slow can die

Between 11 pm till 2 am, I lost my internet connection. It is the most frustrating thing because I have written some stuffs and failed to submit them for payment. No amount of plugging and unplugging helps and finally I gave up. Unfortunately, I had been drinking huge amount of greentea and wasn’t able to sleep.

So, I got out of bed at this ungodly hour to check if it is working. Good thing it is ok now or else I will be cussing the ancestors and descendant of my internet provider. Don’t you just hate it when you are at the mercy of Streamyx?

I wish I can afford an additional RM120 per month to subscribe to Maxis so that I can have unlimited surfing from my 3G phone. Sigh…I cannot afford that right now. So, gotta whine about the lousy connection every day.

Did you Penang guys felt the lag? I know even my neighbourhood lines aren’t working. (don’t ask me how I know, ok? I just know)

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1 thought on “Net so slow can die


    (April 28, 2007 - 12:00 pm)

    I was up at 12.30 last night and in KL but yes, service dipped and I lost many ops :P So I went back to sleep

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