MyBlogLog – Fantastic cool tool for your blog

I signed up MyBlogLog for months, on 24th June 2006 before I realised the usefulness of it. Doh! If you haven’t heard of MyBlogLog, it is a free service where you can sign up, track your blog traffic and at the same time, build community. Blogging is all about building community, creating a wider social network and expose your blogs to more people.

I recently tried out the paid account for MyBlogLog for USD3 per month per URL. I am not very happy with the restriction of one blog per account. But anyway, it is for me to try out what the paid account offers that the free account doesn’t.

So, what I like about MyBlogLog are:

1) Tracking which link our blog visitors clicked to get out.

I can gauge which Google Adsense format receives the most clicks.


Here you can see that Google Adsense ad format 728 x 90 is the most popular. I can track it on Adsense as well but hrrmmpph…it is too tedious to track there due to the many blogs I have.

2) Who dropped by?

I get a warm fuzzy feelings when I see familiar faces on the widget. I know they have been around and I am thrilled with that little tell-tale sign that I am loved!


3) How do they came by?
You also know how people stumbled upon you. Like what were they searching for before they found your blog.

There are many things to track from MyBlogLog so, go on and sign up if you have not done so.

As for how the paid account and the free account measures up, I can’t review for now because I just signed up two days ago and I haven’t even check the differences.

But for USD3 per month, it is a small fee to pay for the ego boosting stats, eh? I can also track if my PayPerPost paid posts have made my advertisers any click because I can see how many outgoing links go to the advertisers.

Post Author: lilian