My USD10 ad campaign

Last night, I got a bit bored and decided to splurge USD10 on an ad campaign in StumbleUpon. *ok, go ahead and laugh your heads off*  I find it pretty silly too.  But I am curious how it works so I decided to experiment with USD10, at 5 cents per stumble (land upon my site).

I signed up my food blog, Best Foods & Recipes and placed a maximum spending of USD1 per day.  Well, my maths is very bad so I don’t really know how many clicks per day.  In less than 1 hours, I had used up my daily spending because I already received 20 stumbles.  So, I know, 20 x 5 cents = USD1.

I narrowed down the type of stumblers I want for my site, i.e. of certain age, from the USA, interested in cooking and female.   Well, I have 9 more days to go.  And USD10 is my first step  towards venturing into placing ads instead of just waiting for ads.  A liberating move for USD10, eh?  Hehehe.

I tell you, PayPal is evil.  I mean this as a joke, of course.  I got the tendency to click my PayPal to pay, pay, pay if I have money in my account.  Right now, I do have money coming in from writing for PayPerPost, Blogitive, Blogvertise, direct ads placements and some referral fees.  And they come in every day!

I wonder if Adwords take PayPal?  That will be my next experiment.

Post Author: lilian