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One of the blogger, Nicholas whom I had met before wrote to me. I have edited a bit of the original email so as not to ruffle some feathers. However, the gist is here :

At first I am happy with the first 2, Nuffnang and Adverlets, then another one popup (GrabMyAds), then now Nufflet. Is it really they (recently new ads network) so uncreative? Nufflet just another rip of copycat of google adsense but Made in malaysia. Can you make a comment on all these 4 advertising network in your blog? I want to know more about it and which want you recommend to use.

Have a nice day, holiday, happy new year. =)

First, if you have no luck with Google Adsense, do you think you will have better luck with other contextual ads? This is not being biased to Nufflets which offers similar ads as Google Adsense but this is through my experiences using Adbrite, Clicksor, CJ, Amazon, TTZ Media, Widgetbucks, Exoclick, etc etc. Trust me, I have tried almost every darn advertisements. Usually, I place them for three months to gauge how they perform. I do earn a few cents but not enough to cash them.

Next, we do not know how much Nufflets is offering per click and I will be happy to hear feedbacks from publishers who can come and prove that they pay better than Google Adsense. I will jump right on, and throw away Adsense. But my friend, income from ads don’t fall from the sky. We need to blend our ads into our blog post and if you do that, you will be going against Google TOS.

The thing that many publishers failed to understand is the mystery of ‘Why I get no clicks on my ads?’. Put yourself into your blog visitor’s shoes. When they got on your blog, they see so many flashing ads, banner ads, contextual ads. They will scamp and run far far away because your site looks spammy.

So, which should you stick to? This is my recommendations to the person who emailed to me.

Stick to Google Adsense. Normally, it takes time for Adsense to perform but trust me, when you hit the right keywords and place the ads correctly, you will get a few clicks every day. I have small blogs, many of them with no regular traffic but relying on organic traffic. I know for sure Adsense does pay. Don’t distract your visitors with too many options to clicks. Make Google Adsense your one and only contextual ads. After some months, you will note they start to take off.

Choose only one local ad company. You can place up to three ads on one page. So, why not focus on one company that has been proven to perform? I may be a bit biased here but I have been to Nuffnang office in Penang and other bloggers have been to their office in KL. I have met Ming and Timothy a few times on one of those bloggers gathering. These are real offices, with real properties and real working staffs. Don’t you prefer an establishment like this? I hope people will get the message loud and clear – Putting too many local ads on your blog will dilute your value. Don’t Malaysianised your blog too much lah. Potential foreign advertisers will not like that. Plus, read the Honda vs. Toyota analogy.

The outlook for 2008 is ‘Less is more‘. Note how many WordPress themes are now in 2-columns and 1-column? The trend is to trim your blog to it’s minimum. Make your blog posts shine and not overcrowded by ads.

Folks, do visit’s Nick’s site. He is only 15 going 16 years old and yet, he writes excellent blog. Bravo, Nick!

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