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I heard from danrua (aka Dan’s venture capital blog)” at PayPerPost’s forum that DoshDosh is seeking opinions on PayPerPost. Well, since I am one of the top earners, getting over USD1K in a month from PayPerPost, I suppose I should share some of my reviews on PayPerPost. This is for Dosh Dosh PayPerPost Review – Your Opinion Needed!

Before that, I have TextLinkAds, ReviewMe and Google Adsense as my stable income. I joined PayPerPost in October and absolutely adore it. Here are my main reasons:

1) PayPerPost is a stable company as we can see for ourselves the office, staffs and operation of PayPerPost through their Rockstartup. Some companies operate only on the online sphere.

2) An interactive community through the forum whereby posties (that bloggers like us) can get to know each other and learn from the veterans. At the same time, PayPerPost staffs also use the forum to disseminate information and changes to us.

3) Getting topics to blog is a good motivation to maintain a blog. Sometimes, when we have mental blocks, the topics on PayPerPost will help us to jumpstart on the next topic. And yeah, we got paid in the process.

4) Handsome payout. Initially, PayPerPost was paying a lower payout than what I get from another paid-to-review company. However, with the recent segmentation, I have a few blogs with niche topics and good Alexa and Google rankings. Now, I am getting decent payout like USD30 or USD50 per post (of 100 words). Well, good tech/web blogs with PR6 and above can expect rewards like USD175-USD1K.

5) Rewarding. It is not only the money but the reward of knowing that I have pleased an advertiser with what I reviewed. Through my posts, some of these advertisers have given me freebies in the form of their products (downloadable stuffs that would otherwise cost money). On top of that, the advertisers give out ‘star’ ratings in the form of tacks to us posties. We know we have done our job well and that makes it worthwhile.

6) Networking. Either through the forum or through the contacts of the sites we review. I have widened my network of bloggers via PayPerPost. It is a great way to socialise because we are exposed to areas/sites that we would otherwise not venture if we are writing on our own.

7) Adventure. Most bloggers have heard of the flaks some of the A-List bloggers have dished out to PayPerPost initially. I join PayPerPost because of that. The drama in the early days. The thrill of being the rebellious one is enough for me to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, if I am correct, I was the first in my country to promote PayPerPost to my fellow Malaysian bloggers. (correct me if I am wrong, give me a kick or something?)

Many bloggers have the misconceptions that we have to sell things not related to our blogs when we write for PayPerPost. This is totally, absolutely, horrendously wrong. (sorry, I am so into Simon Cowell). A good blogger can weave a topic into their post seamlessly. A good blogger does not forego their integrity and push stuffs their readers aren’t interested. A good blogger knows when to close their eyes to the money and take only what is related to their blogs. Now, with segmentation, we are assigned only topics related to our blogs.

The only people now who still have doubts with PayPerPost are either bloggers who have problems getting admitted to PayPerPost, not a fluent writer and can’t write with flair, are too afraid of the unknown and dare not try new things, are too apologetic to their readers (which they shouldn’t because hey, it is your blog, dude) or are just clueless how much money they are missing out each day.

I think I don’t have to say “I *heart* PPP, do I? :P And no, I am not paid to say these.

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    (February 16, 2007 - 4:19 pm)

    Aye! Aye!

    We love you PPP, we do
    We love you PPP, we do
    We love you PPP, we do
    O, PPP we love you!!!


    (February 16, 2007 - 6:12 pm)

    pablo – We will we will rock you!



    (February 16, 2007 - 7:41 pm)

    Thanks Lilian for doing such a great article.. just put it up on my blog. :)

    PayPerPost Review - Your Opinion Needed!

    (February 16, 2007 - 7:42 pm)

    […] I don’t have to say “I *heart* PPP, do I? And no, I am not paid to say these. (taken from this post on Lilian’s […]


    (February 16, 2007 - 8:35 pm)

    Well said. I totally agree with you on the misconceptions point. I’ve read many negative views about bloggers reviewing products or services they have never used and thus misleading their readers but its not about that at all. Its about creating a buzz and spreading the word. Its not about “I have used this fantastic product, you must try it.” Its about “I heard there is this new product………” Its akin to writing a press release announcing the product or service. (Where an advertiser uses this service, its like getting many to write press releases on their behalf.) On the part of the blogger, there is nothing wrong with doing that at all. No blogger integrity issues or cheating your blog readers involved here. Its all about clever writing, good use of relevant keywords and blending those with our own experiences. Its just taking our own personal blogging a step further. I find that by writing paid posts I have more to blog about and I even come across many interesting sites that I would not otherwise have visited as I write about them.


    (February 17, 2007 - 2:15 am)

    MG – Well said! Hope our concerted efforts will make the rest of the world understand and not bash us blindly.

    Maki – Luv yr manga avatars. So cute. Thanks for the mention. It is a pleasure to share what we are passionate about.


    (February 17, 2007 - 9:12 pm)

    Yay to PPP and boo to those who are making too much fuss about the concept :)

    – MENJ

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