Argggh….don’t you just hate it how manufacturers timed their products to breakdown exactly a few weeks or even a few months after their warranty period?

I have two laptops at home. One is an Acer and the other a Sony Vaio. Although I don’t exactly love my Acer, I must admit that it is tougher than the Sony Vaio. However, the Acer’s RAM (or whatever thingamajic) did k.o. after over a year. Lucky that the machine is insured and we got it change for $700 which is covered by insurance. However, few months later, the RAM went pffftttt and to the workshop it went. This time, it is under warranty so we get a new one. However, now the keyboard is giving problems and we need to spend another $200 for the replacement.

But what makes my blood boil is my Sony Vaio problems. We bought this pink Sony Vaio on 6th March 2007 and by 23rd March, 2008 the battery konked out. The battery is not under warranty so we need to replace it ourselves. Do you know how much a Sony Vaio battery costs? EIGHT HUNDRED! $800 for one battery. I had taken care and follow the recommended way of handling my laptop battery and yet, it just poof one morning.

Now, I am not going to spend $800 on a battery as I do not need to bring my laptop out. I usually use my Smartphone to surf and also blog. So, the laptop is going to be attached to the cable all the time. I am not sure if there are cheaper alternative battery for the Sony.

I hope I make more money someday and can afford a Macbook Air instead. Who cares if they said the Macbook Air is craps. I buy for its status symbol. LOL. But it doesn’t look like I am going to be able to afford it at any time soon. *sigh* It is so hard to make money online nowadays. :(

I had check around to find out the reasons why a laptop battery fizzled out so easily and everyone seems to give different ideas. I have put my laptop on hibernate mode because a friend told me this will be less taxing. He said his laptop screens tend to damage fast when he shuts down and restart daily. So, he kept his laptop on hibernate mode. Meanwhile another friend told me if I put on sleep, it will be even worse.

The thing about laptop is how expensive all those parts are and I hope to find cheaper alternatives next time. I cannot afford the original Sony battery.

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