My guest post on Linguistics and Languages blog

Osman, fellow postie from PPP who lives in Turkey called for guest posts on his language blog call Linguistics and Languages. I visited his blog and immediately like his dedication and commitment to the blog on languages around the world. When a blogger is dedicated to his blog, you get a sense of feel good vibes and you can sense the warmth from it. Do you agree with me? If we put our heart and soul into the blog, it normally becomes a great blog.

So, I offered to take part and share our Malaysian language. Of course, my English is only middle school level and I do not have perfect English. Whereas Osman is going to be a scholar in the language so I do feel nervous about it. Hahaha. I wrote about our quirky Manglish. Many Westerners are confuse why they see so many ‘lah’ in our writings. So, I hope to explain that.

Osman has another blog call Crying Heart. Visit him for some views from Turkey.

Thanks, Osman! It has been fun participating.

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    (February 5, 2007 - 6:48 am)

    Thank you!! I appreciate your post! That was fun to read that! It is always better to get the news from the original resource :) and, no! come one, i won’t be a scholar, if you check my posts out, you may encounter many funny mistakes, hehe. ;)

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