My experiment with PayPerPost as an advertiser

I am a curious person. I must learn new things. Experience new stuffs. Make new friends. Involve in new activities. Otherwise, I get bored. I am afraid that I am already bored of writing paid posts. But the money is good. I earned USD1K+ from PayPerPost last month – January, 2007.

So, it’s time I check out the other side of the PayPerPost’s world. As an advertiser. It takes just some PayPal swapping. I paid USD6 for 100 words to US bloggers to feature my food blog, Best Recipes and Foods. I only want US bloggers because I need to expand to that continent. (I really appreciate all the blogs who linked to me, ok. Muaksss…I promise to bring even better and tastier foods next time, ok?)

I must say that the food blog does garner some organic traffics with some relevant keywords that I accidentally stumbled upon. So, let’s see how this experiment goes. Sorry I can’t reveal how much I paid in total or how many posts I paid for. Also how much [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] takes. Let’s keep this a mystery until you try it out yourself, k?

Meantime, I like this quote :

PayPerPost’s business isn’t all that different than paid search results. In the beginning, there’s consternation. Then acceptance. Then profits. PayPerPost’s latest tools may just make it more acceptable.

(taken from ZDNet by Larry Dignan @ 5:13 am. 1st February 2007)

Looks like we are the winning formula! Go, Posties, go!

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3 thoughts on “My experiment with PayPerPost as an advertiser


    (February 2, 2007 - 2:25 am)

    Great site. You are legendary where making money is concerned. Are you born in the year of the Pig?


    (February 2, 2007 - 4:22 am)

    siewyoke- I am a dragon! Hehehe.


    (February 5, 2007 - 12:02 am)

    I’m toying with this idea :P after seeing what Menj did :)

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