For the last three days, I have been experiencing CPU overload, WP error and all kind of problems with the blogs I have hosted on Bluehost. The funny thing is I didn’t add any new WordPress plugin or do anything to those blogs.

So, I tried logging in during the downtime and I cannot even access my cpanel. And I cannot submit a ticket because if I don’t login, I cannot submit a ticket and if I don’t submit a ticket, I cannot communicate with Bluehost. Doh…

Picture 4.png

Those blogs on Bluehost are smaller blogs and therefore, they are not as critical as those blogs I have hosted with Bryan on VPS.

Any other Bluehost clients facing server unavailability these few days? I regret that I have just renewed another two years of webhosting with Bluehost. I paid USD165 for two years. It is not entirely expensive and moreover, Bluehost never gives me problems in these last two years.

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